When Is the Right Time to Service Your Water Purifier?

Water pollution has grown into a real problem and all water supplies are polluted. Therefore, having a proper water purifier in your household is absolutely necessary. But, this appliance needs to be regularly serviced or else the purification percentage of the water reduces. This means that the water that your purifier is dispensing might not be as pure as you think it is.

Each and every purifier manufacturer would have a set time period within which it should be serviced. If you adhere to that time period, you are assured to get 100% pure water every time. For all water purifiers, the main reasons for getting it serviced are the filters and membranes in them. Here are the right times to get your water purifier serviced according to different filters and membranes and general servicing:

  1. Replacement of Post Carbon, Activated Carbon and Sediment Filters:

Post carbon, activated carbon and sediment filters are used to keep impurities like chlorine and other related impurities away from the filtered water. Chlorine is poisonous to drink and is one of the most common disinfectants used by the municipal corporation. Therefore, your water supply contains chlorine and the only way to remove it is these filters. Therefore, they should be changed at the appropriate time, which is once every twelve months. Some purifiers have filter change alarms, so you can consider buying those as well. Users should avoid watching DIY videos and cleaning water purifiers on their own.

  1. Changing RO Membrane and UF Membrane:

RO and UF purifiers have RO and UF membranes that help in purification of water. RO membrane is responsible for removing heavy metal and hard salt impurities. These impurities can cause cancer and other carcinogenic diseases. Hard salts are even responsible for kidney stones and other cardiovascular diseases. UF membranes are responsible to keep waterborne viruses and bacteria away from purified water. Therefore, it is important that these filters are changed regularly. You can keep an eye on the filter change alarms or change these filters once every twelve months.

  1. UV Lamp Change:

Another regular reason to get a service official to your home is getting the UV lamp of your purifier changed. Some purifiers use UV radiation to get rid of waterborne virus and bacteria as it is deadly to them. UV lamps are used to create UV radiation and these lamps need to be changed once every year. The contemporary water purifiers generally come equipped with UV fail alarm, which alerts them when the UV lamp stops working. When this alarm turns on, it’s time to change the UV lamp.

These alarms are not just for UV lamps. Almost all water purifiers have indications when something is wrong with the functioning. If unusual things start to happen, it is time for service. Some common things that happen in malfunctioning water purifiers are as follows:

  • The water tank doesn’t get filled, but the discard pipe has continuous flow of water.
  • The purifier is making excessive noise.
  • Pipes are vibrating a lot.

Many more things that are related to these happen and these are clear signs that your purifier needs service.

Although a definitive time doesn’t exist as water purifier service depends upon the quality of raw water that is fed to it, a service should be scheduled once a year. Many purifiers have indications through LED displays or indicator lamps that tell the user that the purifier needs service. Therefore, in case your purifier indicates service requirement, you can call a service official instantly.