The Importance of Stretching

Whether it’s a treadmill run, an hour on the bike, or a complete weights training session, if you are not stretching your muscles before and after your exercise you are doing damage to your body and decreasing your recovery time.

Keep reading to find out why you should be stretching before and after your training sessions.

Warm Up

The chances are that you hit the gym right after work. And if you were to think about what you did at work all day before the gym, it would involve sitting on a chair. As you can imagine, this isn’t the most muscle engaging practice to undertake. For this reason, when you arrive at the gym, none of your muscles are ready for the strain you are about to put them through! This limits your initial performance and can lead to unnecessary muscle damage.

Reduce the Pain

Have you ever heard of lactic acid? Even if you haven’t, you have definitely felt its presence. It’s the acid which is responsible for the pain you feel when you try to stand up the morning after finishing leg day.

And while it may be there to help your muscles recover, the pain doesn’t have to come with it. Stretching after a workout is the best way to release any locked muscles and give each muscle a good release before they settle in for a night of sleep and repair. Even a few minutes after you work your legs is enough to help you walk the next day without wincing.

Promote Blood Flow

If you are looking to bulk up your muscles then you know that your muscles need oxygen flow to repair themselves along with the required nutrients and vitamins which you can get from the Groupon Coupons page for Vitacost. However, after an intense workout, your muscles can remain so tight and locked that it is hard for blood and oxygen to flow to and through them. This results in less progress and an increase in your recovery time.

Stretching opens up your muscles and promotes continuous and healthy flood and oxygen flow. With stretching, much-needed oxygen can make its way to your muscles in their time of need, helping them to repair and grow

What to Stretch

Now that you are convinced, it’s time to think about which muscles you will stretch. Obvious. You will stretch any muscles which you intend on pushing that day, however, don’t forget about you support muscles.

For example, if you are completing deadlifts then you will also rely on your core strength along with your legs and glutes for support. Take some time before you workout to also stretch these support muscles so that they too are in the best shape to keep your form on point and your workouts safe and productive.

When it comes to exercise, there really is no reason to leave stretching out of your routine. As you can see from the points above, it has many benefits and is super easy to do! SO the next time that you walk into your gym or fitness center, instead of waving off the stretching stations, spend a bit of time there before you hit your regular routine. Your body will thank you!