Harness Vs. Collar – Making A Choice For Your New Puppy

Being a pet parent, you have to take some seriously confusing decisions. One of the major debates is related to the choice between collars and harnesses. A collar is basically used on the neck, while a harness is attached to both neck and back. So, what should you choose for your dog? Here are some pointers that may come handy.

Benefits of a harness

When it comes to puppies, most trainers and pet owners have to find ways to manage their energy. They pull, run and do all sorts of naughty activities, and some breeds don’t even take training seriously. A harness is an effective training tool, especially for certain breeds. For big muscular dogs, harnesses help in controlling the strength, while other breeds need additional attention. For example, pugs can choke on a regular collar, which can pop out their eyeballs that must be fixed with surgery. With a harness, you are sure of avoiding such situations. Puppies are prone to distraction, and harnesses do help in controlling them. If your dog had a neck injury, harnesses might be the only option.

Benefits of collars

It’s hard to defend collars for some typical reasons. Nevertheless, some dogs don’t like harnesses at all, and for them, collars might be a great choice. Of course, collars are also cheaper and can be great for tagging some of the other accessories, such as a collar tag.

On the flip side

Well, as mentioned above, not all dogs are fond of harnesses, and some might actually get a skin infection. Unless you choose to Buy No-Pull Dog Harness or something equally good, harnesses might not be a great choice. As for collars, the most common problem with puppies is neck injury. If you have an inquisitive puppy that refuses to listen on the walk, having a collar might not be a great idea in the first place.

Finding options

If you are unsure of how to buy a collar or a harness, one of the better ideas is to check online. You will find a lot of tips and tricks on picking the right product. It is also more than important to talk to your dog’s trainer about the kind of training accessories he would need to teach the dog.

For the best prices, check online, where you can find some great offers and discounts, besides finding regular reviews from experts and other buyers.